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Now is a great time to assist in bird conservation.

~Put a bird bath in your yard

~Put up a bird house

~Put up bird feeders (where birds can't be ambushed by predators)

~Limit the use of chemicals and pesticides in your yard

~Plant native fruit and berry bushes and trees

~Hang ribbons or cutout silhouettes of birds in large windows to prevent birds from colliding with them
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I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in tune once more.
  -John Burroughs

At Local Nature.com we hope to inspire you to interact with, learn about, respect and enjoy nature. Nature and the wildlife that inhabits it, has so much to teach us, if we just pay attention. It’s easy – listen to the birds sing, plant a flower or a tree, hang a bird feeder, or just take a walk outside. Whatever your surroundings may offer, we encourage you to enjoy your local nature.

Insect Design

When you examine any insect up close, you find structures and designs unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Just pause a moment and dwell on the beautiful intricacy of the veins in the wings of the female Roseate Skimmer pictured... Read entire article »

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We offer everything you need to encourage and enjoy nature in your own surroundings. From birdbath supplies and squirrel proof bird feeders, to heated bird baths and bird houses. You'll also find a great selection of seeds and plants for your garden, great gifts and more!


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