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Now is a great time to assist in bird conservation.

~Put a bird bath in your yard

~Put up a bird house

~Put up bird feeders (where birds can't be ambushed by predators)

~Limit the use of chemicals and pesticides in your yard

~Plant native fruit and berry bushes and trees

~Hang ribbons or cutout silhouettes of birds in large windows to prevent birds from colliding with them
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Local Birds, Inc.
We are happy to be aligned with the company Local Birds and their fine series of local guides to nature. To find out more or to buy one of their field guides just follow the link below.


Windstar Wildlife Institute
Many of the excellent articles that you will find on the Local Nature website are taken from the Windstar Wildlife Institute. WWI is an international, non-profit, wildlife conservation organization that assists individuals and families in establishing or improving the wildlife habitat on their properties. WWI also offers an online course to become a certified wildlife habitat naturalist.


Backyard Nature
Backyard Nature is a website that features ways to learn more about nature and understand why nature is so important. The articles are by Naturalist Jim Conrad who holds a M.Sc in Botany and B.Sc. in Geology.

Windstar Wildlife Institute